Monday, January 21, 2013


In this age of information technology it is very difficult for one to maintain privacy.Internet reveals all that one wishes to know about someone or anything.
But even today maintaining privacy is very important why doesn't the doctor shouts out the medical result in front of public or why is our bank account password kept to ourselves rather than tagging it on Facebook.

For instance a friend of mine (a brilliant student) did not perform as well in his yearly examinations as was expected from him. When the results came out instead of keeping the results to himself he decided to share his results on social networking sites , which led to widespread of comments on his poor examination results generally negative. As a result of which he became demotivated and depressed. This is just one of those very few cases when people have been negatively affected by loss of privacy.

We live in a global world where we need to preserve our identity.Its no longer the world where people live in small communities knowing everything about each other. Not maintaining privacy also leads to frauds and sometimes identity thefts.Celebrities face extreme difficulties to keep things private as media pounces on slightest opportunity to cash in from details.

Being too confessional and self expressive is not good as it may harm feelings of other fellow hence we should not hesitate to keep some secrets buried if they can help the society as Gandhi quoted"speak truth but not excessive truth as it may harm harmony"
people should make more effort to keep some things private as later on it may cause embarrassment for them or anyone related.

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